Bangalore & its Fruit Shops

Bangalore doesn’t have a branded chain of Fruit shops?

During my previous day job in RD, AnnaNagar, Chennai, there was no shortage for fresh Fruit juices.  Every half a KM, we had a Palamudir Cholai. Sometimes I admired the business strategy of those guys, it was always crowded and buzzing.

Last Wednesday on my bus travel to work from Marathahalli to IndiraNagar (7KM stretch), I counted 15+ street vendors selling healthy Tender Coconuts and gaining no attraction with the 10k+  people who commute that route.

I do see deserted Karnataka horticulture shops and a few Realince fresh shops where people mostly buy groceries but nothing matches the Palamudir cholai’s crowd in Chennai. Considering the Entrepreneuship this city is famous for and its young citizens who dwell IT parks and spend lavishly on food, I see no reason why a chain of Fruit shops under a single brand name, wouldn’t attract people for some tasty healthy food.

Makes sense ?


BITS, Microsoft & Me !

I remember circling BITSAT dates in my Calendar as a teen, the days when I dreamt of being one amongst those elite group, the days when there were dreams without any efforts. I was one of those crazy teens who never knew what it actually takes to crack BITS and still wanted to crack it.

Later while whiling away life in a college, that my marks earned me, it was more then a dream to work for Microsoft, Google and Facebook without the efforts and commitment to get there.

After college, when life screwed me by my campus placed company HCL Technologies, all that I had was attitude, confidence and Internet. It was recession and one my friend suggested to try Never understood most of the jargon requirements in that portal and still I applied to many companies. I  got a call from ReduceData and the last round was a tough InterviewStreet problem, perhaps that was the first night I worked till 4 am and what followed was many of those nights that led me to work later then 4 am.

A tale of working in tech startups, working with people who dreamt in Dollars and a period of self discovery – doing what I wanted to do, screwing self, leaving comfort zone, toiling, getting ridiculed.

Now after a year and a month of that self discovery, where I find myself is writing code with people who studied in BITS, IIT, NIT, IIM. People who worked for Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Flipkart, Google, Samsung.

When I write this article today, I don’t know whether I deserve to be with such people with whom I always dreamt of being with, people whose quality of work is top notch compared to my works that are shabby. And I am in that phase of life where the the love on money is dropping, awe on the IIT’s is vanishing and the determination to work hard is increasing.

Wish me luck to improve self, to fight it out with smiles and energy, day and night with thoughts: Life definitely takes one to where ever they want, if only when they let it take them to where they want.

Pongal – Changing Times

This years Pongal was a much awaited break with 4 off days, barring the Monday which I had to do a work from home.

Pongal was a good recoup, stayed home, enjoyed good food, watched TV programes, hanged out with cousins.

Yet somewhere with in, the thought of Pongal not being the Pongal it used to be pricked me. There were those beautiful days when me and my cousins would wake up early with our Grand mother and start burning old things ( things that were carefully picked over the night), we would enjoy playing the domestic drums by exposing them to the burning flames so that the leather tightens and gives a better sound. In a way we were evolving the Sivamani’s within us. The next day would be Pongal – a day typically spawning over with loads of brand new clothes, relatives, food and visits to the near by temples. All of these have changed and the fun and colour associated with this festival seems only to be the Solomon Papaiya on TV and the home made fatty food.

As we evolved, gradually the fun and charm associated with festivals have diminished. It was even worse for my friends who work in reputed ITES companies in India, for them it was a working day. (I wonder whether we are still being ruled by the western world.) Ideally the west would go for a break starting with Thanks giving and ending with the New years day, while situations in India seems to be the opposite. Over the last decade typically India has become a dumping place for monotonous outsourcing work, at peanuts wage – loosing all of its traits and good brains to these lazy mundane money making jobs

Wish that our people start to be themselves rather then trying to inhibit and copy something else!

Rahul Dravid – Timeless Steel

It was December 2013  when I picked up Rahul Dravid – Timeless Steel book from Exotel’s book shelf and occasionally found time to read it before sleep, on random evenings, on odd tiring days,  bits and pieces, finally completing it today. It was an incredible anthology on a man who did everything just for his team and country.

The embodiment of finest of qualities and a perfect example to abide. Every chapter says hard work, hell a lot of hard work, practise, devotion and dedication that made him what he was – the man responsible for India’s overseas accomplishments during the first decade of 21st century, perhaps the man who overtook Tendulkar on that part and still played second fiddle in recognition.

Talent is time plus manic obsession, he was not blessed, he seemed to have worked on it, he worked, dreamt, took stabs, stayed calm, focussed and reached where he got to. A package of Hard work, discipline and endurance.

Personally the bellow quoted lines defines life to me, a page that I would keep a Peacock feather and bookmark, one can find these on page 129 – chapter – The Great innings.

“Tap, single, back again. Forward, defend. Dot ball. Beaten, Dot ball. Forget. Off stump. Leave. Dot ball. Late nudge. Two. Soft hands. Kill. Dot ball. Width, Cut Four.  Ball after Ball, over after over.”

Patience, belief, hardwork, toil, sweat, perseverance, achieve, do it calm and humble.



Welcome – 2014

Back to blogging after a year because of an <yet to be defined adjective> reading from my college Facebook confession page.

There has been tremendous changes personally over the year and at this point my life seems to be heading the way that I always wanted it to be. Some of the notorious changes over the year are:

Sleep: 10+ hours to 5 hours.

Phone: Same Samsung S5670. ( Thanks to Hari for not taking it back)

No of Books read: 7 to 14.

Blog Frequency: Once in 3 months to nothing.

Tech knowledge: Novice to Rookie.

Peer group IM: SMS to Whatsapp.

Going to movies: 5 to 10.

Green tea bags consumed: 30 to 250.

Relationship status: Single to still single.

Biryani’s ate: 25 to 10.

Friends marriages: 2 to 7.

Friends kids: 1 to 6++.

Money saved: 25k to -100.

FB stalking: 6 to 1.

Being called uncle: 0 to 4+.

Vehicle bought: None to a probable Bi-cycle.

Friends suffering doing MS: 2 to 10+.

Broke up friends: 0 to 1.

Fights with Dad: 15+ to 5.

No of pics taken: 150+ to 20.

Closed group strength: 10 to 5.

Internet Charges : 12k to 25k

Phone bill: 150 monthly to 500 monthly.

Badminton foul plays: 0 to 1 weekly.

And all of these suggest an interesting year ahead.

Wish me luck and let luck stay with you too !

Poem- Social Media

Gone are the days when people sat with a book,
Present are the days where time is spent on Facebook,
Everything here starts with a friend request and then a poke followed by a relationship change,
Voila! this virtual world addictive fun has a borderless range;
Love can happen fast and quicker,
Soon it may also fail courtesy to the activity updates via ticker,
Friendship dwells and flourishes with likes, comments, chats, hangouts and rsvp invite,
knowledge too can propagate by posts and notifications that never respite.
News to movie reviews are instant via tweets;
Celebrities also hangout here that make it even more sweet,
Users can float emotions and can even sin,
Giving an escape excuse like the famous Suresh Raina cousin,
Youtube, Tumblr, Friendfeed and Pinterest;
Just when one thing bores, a new baby borns, galloping even more interest,
To all haters who point its bad, detest and go really mad,
The message is: Like every other earthly thing social media too has its own good and bad.


Been sometime since She wanted to Say,
Alot of time since he too waited for her too Convey,
Rising was the Beautiful sun scripting an epic perfect Day,
Prepared were both hoping to unfold the most longed Day,
Both left their homes for the early morning Jog,
With dreams of making today- a perfect cherished- on the Log,
Separated by roads and buildings were their Homes,
Albeit united by love and longings were their Souls,
As they jog with thoughts: What-if it is not Today?
Galloping were the Memories from their Yesterdays,
A bit of smile, a bit of joy and alot of grace filled their Face,
While thinking of the finest moments that they would Embrace,
As they inch closer from the oppostie Direction,
Synchronised thoughts began to apprehend each others Reaction,
Then came that moment – standing were they at a straight angle, Face to Face,
Their heartbeats and adrenaline touched an all time new Pace,
Pleasing aroma and tangeable magic filled the Place,
Then rose Mutual thoughts, “Who is going to set it Ablaze” ?
They paused, stumbled, got dumb-stuck with no Words,
At-Bay feel and silence hurt them like a thousand piercing Swords,
Five degrees declined was he; five degrees inclined was she, making a perfect Eye to Eye,
While their pupils fixed trajectories, minds began to speak and hearts began to Synch,
Frozen was he with a thousand tummy butterflies, Emotional was she with tears of joy overwhelming her Eyes,
Finally after all prayers and pauses- He broke the Ice and said : I love you,
Sooner She with more glistening tears that twinkled in the finest silvertones- hugged him and Said : I love you too” !

Bala Kumar

** Yet another of my very own scribbles and some rights reserved. 🙂