Instant Message – Love

Cold and chill winter dew drops has fallen over the night,
Brisk sun rays welcomed that morning glistening bright.
Nervous fearful thoughts crept through his mind,
Courtesy a good night sleep treated him kind.
Dressed up well he rushed through the morning buzz to catch the routine train,
With occupied thoughts and toggling assumptions creeping through his brain,
Reward for the early morning hustle was the deserving window seat,
Ting-Tong and the railways announcement echoed in its typical rhythmic beat.
Gathering the morning prudence he began to recall his previous night planned tones,
Gave a swipe, unlocked, turned on mobile internet to gaze at his phone.
Single touch and then opens that popular instant message app,
And her last seen status was a longtime back – quite a gap.
No replies yet and flickered that soothing blue colored dual tick;
He pondered his previous night ideas still perplexed which one to pick,
Gave some thought and then sent again his “Happy Birthday” wish,
No response from her yet for the built up suspense to finish.
Perhaps sometime later there will be that much awaited notification pulse,
Or may be the phone was with someone else,
Clock ticked and assumptions grew,
With every passing seconds complex thoughts began to brew,
At last came that much awaited reply “Hey thanks”
Dear oh dear that drama shook him like a heart stopping prank.
Regular greetings and inquiries followed that next,
Again his haunting thoughts began to resonate with every single text.
Breathing became difficult, language turned blank and the lost words made him dumb,
Voila that is why mobile apps have emoji and smileys at the swipe of thumb.
After the customary chat regarding breakfast
He decided to break the shackles remembering failures of the past,
Few butterflies flew and a deep inhale helped him to compose – I ❤ you,
Message sent. She read it and didn’t know what to do,
Perhaps it was that moment she dreamed and could not react when it happen,
Or she needs some more time to absorb the event and let her emotions deepen.
Blue tick conveyed the message seen by her at his end,
Just then Murphy’s law choose her phone when she began to type and send.
One minute flew since that last colored tick acknowledge,
Few more minutes passed and the conversation quit full fledged.
Nervousness and seldom melancholy began to occupy his face,
Oops her phone hung with a multi-keyboard deadlock race,
He got no replies and her last seen time still shows online,
She decided to hard reboot. While at his end, her IM status now switched to offline,
With a broken heart he began to think should he owe an apology?
Finally her phone switched on and mend to connect with any of her internet topology,
Enough she decided and began to dial, meanwhile for him everything looked broke,
Her beautiful picture flashed on his caller screen, couple of rings and they spoke,
Few seconds of silence followed and then she said “Me too” in her voice,
And the magic unfolded – there goes their occasion to rejoice,
Call ended and pops up on his screen, her last – lost reply; A golden yellow smiley face – quite a fate,
Alas, the message got delivered – never too late!
– Bala Kumar
Technology changes lives and it may not work always, don’t blame when it goes wrong, find your way and act 🙂