How I fixed my troubled CPU

Been quite sometime and the first computer that I ever bought was not working and giving me trouble. 

It is powered by DB33FB Motherboard. The fix puzzled me a a lot initially and took around 3 weeks to figure out since the breakdown signals were not following the usual codes. 

At first I removed all extra components like Graphic card and ran the computer only with processor, Ram and Hard disk. All that followed was no BIOS screen and if it was a RAM failure there would have been beeps in my case there was no beeps so after a few tests I came to the conclusion and was looking for a cheaper mother board that could run the processor that I already have. 

Quick search showed me that it is a LGA775 socket and I ordered a cheap and best option on Ebay. The woes didn’t stop there as the new motherboard initially went till the Windows start screen and then crashed. I was seeing only black screen on startup there after. There were no beeps either and I was running the set up now without the processor fan. I retired a couple of times with 5 mins gap removing the BIOS battery and only on one occasion I could see the boot screen.

A week past by and I was into testing mode again. This time I borrowed a DDR 2 RAM from my friend and this time again it went till the startup screen and switched off. Then I realised it is a RAM problem but still the failing on the start up screen was continuing and then I realised this was happening because the processor was getting over heated as their was no fan. 

Then finally after plugging on the fan and changing the RAM with the new mother board I got my Favourite first bought system back running.


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