Rozabal Line – Review

I bought the Ashwin Sanghi combo around a year back and finally got some time to read thanks to my new job and the train commute that brings with it.

Ashwin tried to do a Dan Brown and in the process have failed miserably. The books travels through time like a time machine without any coherence – new characters on every page and the monotonous repeat of the family hierarchies were pathetic. The first 150 pages were not at all engaging.

Appreciate the research that was done  and some parts like the anagrams really makes one to think but it it fails to answer facts like Mary Magadelene names her child with an anagram of the sacred feminine Hindu goddess from the pre christ era but Mary Magadelene lived in the era of hebrew language and if the anagram with the names were in hebrew language then the story Ashwin spins is acceptable.  How can there be an anagram with the English language for characters that lived in different period of time with different dominant language ?

And the book is a brave attempt since it references the cradles of the three prominent religions and says that each religion copied another with time and everything has a common reference to a single point and the descendants built upon and glorified with time. Each of the Godly figures that claims themselves as God’s representation were nothing but good people that wanted peace and their good deeds were elevated by the society with time and made them an yet another God – would be the readers conclusion after some apprehension.

Both Da Vinci Code or the Rozabal line says thats there will be prosperity when the  male and the female energies meet and the epic symbols like the David star and the Swastik symbol are representations of the same. Can agree on it from a point of view that there will be prosperity only when the different varieties of people that exists be it caste, religion, colour or creed live together with love and  peace.

Overall not a bad read, appreciate the work and research gone into it, could wave been better penned.



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