Some Awesome people in my life

Time to thank the people from whom I have learned a lot.

Coming out of college, I knew, I was screwed, in those difficult times Yuvi was the God father, couldn’t imagine where and what I’ve would have been doing now if not for Yuvi and he still continues to inspire me.

When I joined ReduceData, I was someone who doesn’t even know how to configure linux and all the tech learning started there. I won’t forget those lovely months with Prince, Amit, Kaushik, Udhaya, Iqbal and Asif from whom I’ve learned how to survive and work hard.

And the best life defining moments happened in Exotel where the initial month I wanted to run away. All that I can say is Thank you guys, you people are the most awesome bunch in my life who has changed me, re-defined me and given me a base to launch from. These days when I think of something, all that ponders is how someone in that awesome team would have approached the problem. Heartful thanks to Kailash, Vijay, Sanjeeth, Sid, Shivku and the rest of the team, each one of them is unique in their ways and I’ve learned a lot from everyone. And not to mention the coolest of the lot Ishwar, my awesome boss, these days what ever I do, I hear Ishwar’s voice within “Why do you want to do that way, do it this way”.

With a a heavy heart when I moved away from you all it was terrible and these days I see some smiles and happy faces in the family, hope I will keep them happy and what ever I am today, it is all because of the awesome bunch I’ve mentioned above 🙂

Thank you guys.


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