Discovering Dual Characters

Growing up in the cities of India is an adventure everyday. It provides the opportunity to meet new people and learn from them.

Over the period of time, I have discovered people with dual life, people who laugh and talk nicely only for money and then behave totally different otherwise.

Occasionally when I come across people who remain the same in their personal and professional life, deep down within a smile comes and a respect on them grows.


Bangalore & its Fruit Shops

Bangalore doesn’t have a branded chain of Fruit shops?

During my previous day job in RD, AnnaNagar, Chennai, there was no shortage for fresh Fruit juices.  Every half a KM, we had a Palamudir Cholai. Sometimes I admired the business strategy of those guys, it was always crowded and buzzing.

Last Wednesday on my bus travel to work from Marathahalli to IndiraNagar (7KM stretch), I counted 15+ street vendors selling healthy Tender Coconuts and gaining no attraction with the 10k+  people who commute that route.

I do see deserted Karnataka horticulture shops and a few Realince fresh shops where people mostly buy groceries but nothing matches the Palamudir cholai’s crowd in Chennai. Considering the Entrepreneuship this city is famous for and its young citizens who dwell IT parks and spend lavishly on food, I see no reason why a chain of Fruit shops under a single brand name, wouldn’t attract people for some tasty healthy food.

Makes sense ?