Poem- Social Media

Gone are the days when people sat with a book,
Present are the days where time is spent on Facebook,
Everything here starts with a friend request and then a poke followed by a relationship change,
Voila! this virtual world addictive fun has a borderless range;
Love can happen fast and quicker,
Soon it may also fail courtesy to the activity updates via ticker,
Friendship dwells and flourishes with likes, comments, chats, hangouts and rsvp invite,
knowledge too can propagate by posts and notifications that never respite.
News to movie reviews are instant via tweets;
Celebrities also hangout here that make it even more sweet,
Users can float emotions and can even sin,
Giving an escape excuse like the famous Suresh Raina cousin,
Youtube, Tumblr, Friendfeed and Pinterest;
Just when one thing bores, a new baby borns, galloping even more interest,
To all haters who point its bad, detest and go really mad,
The message is: Like every other earthly thing social media too has its own good and bad.