Been sometime since She wanted to Say,
Alot of time since he too waited for her too Convey,
Rising was the Beautiful sun scripting an epic perfect Day,
Prepared were both hoping to unfold the most longed Day,
Both left their homes for the early morning Jog,
With dreams of making today- a perfect cherished- on the Log,
Separated by roads and buildings were their Homes,
Albeit united by love and longings were their Souls,
As they jog with thoughts: What-if it is not Today?
Galloping were the Memories from their Yesterdays,
A bit of smile, a bit of joy and alot of grace filled their Face,
While thinking of the finest moments that they would Embrace,
As they inch closer from the oppostie Direction,
Synchronised thoughts began to apprehend each others Reaction,
Then came that moment – standing were they at a straight angle, Face to Face,
Their heartbeats and adrenaline touched an all time new Pace,
Pleasing aroma and tangeable magic filled the Place,
Then rose Mutual thoughts, “Who is going to set it Ablaze” ?
They paused, stumbled, got dumb-stuck with no Words,
At-Bay feel and silence hurt them like a thousand piercing Swords,
Five degrees declined was he; five degrees inclined was she, making a perfect Eye to Eye,
While their pupils fixed trajectories, minds began to speak and hearts began to Synch,
Frozen was he with a thousand tummy butterflies, Emotional was she with tears of joy overwhelming her Eyes,
Finally after all prayers and pauses- He broke the Ice and said : I love you,
Sooner She with more glistening tears that twinkled in the finest silvertones- hugged him and Said : I love you too” !

Bala Kumar

** Yet another of my very own scribbles and some rights reserved. 🙂


Tears Of Joy :’)

Sometimes when people get emotional– the face being the index of the mind, our face conveys those emotional vibrations to the other end. Today, where the world actually gets to talk with people only on the Internet– Chat Clients and IM’s play a major role. Most of these chat clients support smileys : The Happy Face, The Anger Face, The Wink, The Frown, The Crying Face and the list goes on . . .

Chat clients have their own list of Emoticons and sometimes people understand the real feel through emoticons. Perfect case would be  the FB chat client where the Tears of Happiness is missed out.

Tears Of Joy has that something extra, it possesses that little extra tinge of sentimental quotient. It is the emotion that symbolises Extreme Joy, Extreme heart filled moments like a Reunion, Re-binding, Separations, Achievements, Success, Joy after toils. It is a special feeling in its own way: A Mother will have those tears of Joy when a baby is born, A bridegroom will have those tears of joy on the marriage day, An Athlete would have those Tears of Joy after winning an Olympic medal, No wonder those tears of joy are as precious as the Pearls.

Going through Wikipedia’s list of emoticons, actually there exists a text code which goes like :’)

Given its Human attachment and sentimental quotient perhaps Tech Giants should re consider and give Tears Of Joy its own place in the long list of existing smileys.


India’s Presidential Dramas

In India, President is always the never heard person making news only on the Republic Day. The High Profile name makes it to the news only before the Presidential elections. No wonder like the years before, Indian parties are playing their cards and coming up with names who will give a nod to their voices and be a puppet. Exception offcourse was seen when Dr. Abdul Kalam earned a Good Name by his values and efficiency: to name it a few includes that Indo-US nuclear agreement against which he was strict.

This time around when the dice was finally rolled, our nations ruling government has come up with a name who has dealt with the Finances of the country and perhaps is the man responsible for the economic crisis that the country is facing now.

With Social Media protesting and the number of posts supporting Dr. Kalam for President is seeing an all time high, this post of mine is a mock up that could explain even a lame man on the situations that exits with the current presidential elections.

Pranab Mukherjee –  rhymes the same with “*Oosi pona Valaka Bhajji”

Abdul Kalam – rhymes with a celebrated Indian desert “*Gulab Jaam”


For a Country that loves its Food, this mock up would explain it straight.

Hope and wish, one day the World’s largest Democracy gets down to elects its own President !!

Disclaimer: Just a mock up and a sigma of the reflections from the Social Media ( Not a personal vengeance or thought )

*Oosi Pona – Tamil Word that means “Rotten”

*Valaka Bhajji – Banana Bhajji, South India’s Favourite snack.

*Gulab Jaam rather Gulab Jamun – Is one of Indian’s all time Favourite Sweet.