Posts that I got to post

At times when I am hit with ideas I get the neuron stumuli on my cranal nerves to blog it yet most often or not  laziness prevents me from doing the same .

The following are a few topics that I have planned to post but never achieved:

1) My Interview Experience for the post of a HCL- Engineering Trainee.

2) Open letter to the Indian IT firms regarding the Engineering colleges stupid acts just because they give their students a job in an IT firm.

3) The different colours of Life.

4) A Poem with each stanza going to one my best friends.

5) ARR – Youtube speeches and its influence on me.

6) Life as I see it towards the fag end of Graduation.

. . .

I hope sooner or later I’ll break the Ice and be regular with my blog posts.

Hoping for the best with days to come and looking forward improve every second that ticks by !



Days go by,
Life is at standby,
Life without life,
Honestly cuts like a knife,
As I wander with Memories that ponder,
Deja vu injects that soothing medicine to wonder,
Days that were good,
Days that were off-mood,
Hours that were awesome,
Hours that were gruelsome,
Minutes that were sublime,
Minutes that were lame,
Seconds that were divine,
Seconds that were ruined,
Times that I would cherish,
Times that I would rubbish,
Although I might complain,
Still I admit those aura days was like an airplane,
Sooner or later I would realize,
And get out of this happy avarice,
For Life is colourfull like the joyfull yellow,
And it goes on and on with the next HELLO !!!!

Note from the Authour:
** Sledai in Tamil means a poem that suits two or more things.

All my life I wanted to write a similar one in English and I hope this one suits the life of a college student who is graduating and also the life of an Onesider in Love !!!
Cheers 🙂