On the Night of Cyclone

Melancholy filled all my face,

Life went at zero pace,

While the weather went all a haze,

I Envy the winners of the fair-life race,

Candle light is the only source,

Nature played with a loud force,

I felt the mobile in its place,

With no sms from her to spark a blaze,

Wind hustles and rains pour down,

While the winter woes kill me drown,

Memories gallop to a déjà vu,

There she appears my medicine for flu,

That awesome feel when we are near,

Never really repeats with anyone else dear,

Filled in the aroma yet scenting a fear,

Longing the words that we await to ear,

Then unfolds that cute little smile,

Recovering from which took me a while,

A picture perfect indeed that would get a million fb like,

Exactly the same that gave me the knockout strike,

All of a sudden there was a loud thunder roar,

Spoiling the dream deep under; leaving me sour,

30 minutes on the clock for a new day,

No sms yet left me at bay,

With the Mobile hidden under the blanket wool,

Something says I am not in the forbidden list of guys made fool,

Indicator shows a dip in charge,

Perhaps a sign of sms on verge,

Then the inbox showed a string new,

Nay! that’s a Good Night message from the usual few,

Dropping lids seldom despair,

Born was a new day on the same respire,

Then came that message : “ Hi 🙂 you der ?”

Wasting no time, sent that smiley crystal clear,

Then the seconds ticked with fear,

Soon came the reply : “ Love you too dear :* “ .

                                                                                                                           – Bala Kumar.