Enjoying Life- the key to Success

Atlast got my day off from college to earn ( I Bunked, thats the only possible way with Sairam Institutions) a much needed break from a month of eventful happenings that squeezed my energy – Placements, Unit tests, Re-tests, Presentations, Passport . And now , Yes I am back, Back again to the Blogosphere with a bang- BIG TIME.

When I sit down to write this article I see the transformation in me , a kid who had computer dreams- the Microsoft dreams, who studied at late nights, who finished his assignments and never saw the happy and colourful lighter side of life, a kid who lost his happiness to the stressful Indian Education System.

Err wait, gone are those: “Enna Valka da idhu” “Enna koduma Saravanan” days.

Enough of peelings 😛 Now welcome to the world of  JALSA SALSA, BAJJAN , BAJJAN Bala kumar 😉

Cheers, Credits to dear Lord Venky Govinda , Chetan Bhagat and Krish Ashok gone are those days, gone are those monotonic stressful days ( Ena pudicha sanniyan olinjidu 😛 ) I have transformed, transformed into a “Matter Man with MASALA” : flunking Class tests, doing mad things, looking at the Pournami Nilla* and shouting “ooooohhh” , morphing Emraan Termin face to Mankatha Ajith, whiling away life with a dozen super gang friends ( that  includes super figures to some sensational sappa figures ) , cheering people , fighting in the long canteen queue and still gloating , doing the same old Peter uttufying, this time blending with local tamil and the most important of it all living with a bigger “Google” dream , I am Happy , Iam a Happy Mad Man placed in HCL technologies singing  : “RAJA NAAN RAJA EN PETTAI KENDRUME RAJA” .

Coming to the point that I want to emphasize to the readers of this necessary-Nonsense , the following are the links that I feel each and every one of us should take deep into our hearts

1) Chetan Bhagat Symbiosis speech . ( Given a chance to make posters to stick on my room , I would quote each and every line that this man spoke )

2) Krish Ashok TedX SSN talk ( Ignited and gave me the spark to go Mad )

3) Chetan Bhagat Vogue article

” Iam the only one from my entire IIM-A batch sitting with his kids on a wednesday afternoon and having Icecream – Its totally worth it” – yes its totally worth it because he followed his dream, he never lost the spark that he had and this is that essentiall quote which goads me and lingers when ever a Mobile and Pervasive computing , Environmental Science and Engineering or a Computer Graphics professor puts me to sleep with their Engineering lectures that ultimately helps in getting anything ( even the marks , All local author text books are the God of every Engineering student in Chennai)

LIfe as I see  it now is to enjoy, meeting interesting people, making new friends, preserving old friends, fighting for silly things, talking with mom, fighting with sister, running and chasing your brother, giving dad a doubles in a bike, poking girl/boy friends, falling in love, setting priorities, not loosing hobbies and the most important of it all laughing , laughing as loud as one can, doing mad things- ultimate nonsense , being creative, being unique, being simple with a Billion dreams 🙂

Being a poet myself I would rather conclude with Vairamuthu lyrics:

“Nooru Kannavugal Kandale aaru Kanavugal palikatha

Kanave kai seruma”  or in English with my own scribbled work .

*pournami nilla = New Moon