Anthem for the Troubled Youth

Anthem for the Troubled Youth

The passion that brought about the Spark

Drives us to make that epic Mark

Hurdle came in through our “Euphoric” education System

That drenched and robbed us of our wisest Wisdom

Dumb we are, with these mugged-up mock

And no great men from the past carried on with it to rock

Parents, Principals, Chairmans and Chancellors force for an exemplary Score

Out of a system that feeds mere facts and nothing More.

Dozens of Chetan Bhagat’s may point out the Flaw

Yet, the Nazis of this “Extraordinary” system would never change their Law

For victims who rise up and Scream:

Please, Please, follow thy Dream ! ”

To the billions who are shattered Apart:

Go ahead and pursue thy Heart ! ”

Bala Kumar