Diwali Wish

Before the small carol that I came up with I’d like to share  a wonderful thought that I read in the web today, forgot the source and it says : “Hiss off and celebrations for Obama visit when we suppose to celebrate Diwali ,will the Americans damn a care when our PM visits them during Christmas? ” Common Indians its Diwali, shout, jump , smile and spread joy!

Celebrations in the air,

And its that time of the year,

When we don’t bother about the ears,

Let sweets fill the tummy,

Don’t forget to give a hug to your mummy,

Light up the diyas,

And a bouns if you get any divas,

Smile, Sparkle and glow,

All of these came in a flow 😀

Happy Diwali to all 🙂

Dan da na dan . . . . . . . . SBK


Break-up to become a Billionaire

When I suppose to study for my semester exams with just 6 more days for the kill, I was easy enough to freak out the IMDb website and have a look at the box office hits.

“The Social Network” captured my attention and I finally made a quick download and sat down to watch the two hour piece of history from Mark Zuckerberg’s life, produced by the Columbia pictures. The Movie portrayed the life of a typical software engineer attaining success and preety much it did justice to its caption “You don’t get to 500 million friends with making a few enemies” .

Atlast at the end after a quick contemplation, I found something queer and attractive enough to attain success in life. Though it may not be be new but still in the long run people have forgotten it to be honest. The Modern Mantra that I am Chanting upon is: “Break-up with your Girl/Boy friend(s) to become a Billionaire” !

Looking back at History all great Scientists: Einstein, Bohr, C.V Raman and now Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg they all attained success because they had a break-up! Hence Contemplate, be wise, give a thought and success should be yours: “Break-up to become a Billionaire” !
Good luck 🙂