The Beginning Of Lust!

Love at First Sight

The Beginning Of Lust

In the sweetness of the setting sun,

Rose a face filled with fun,

Dressed simple in charming rose,

Was fascinated by a romantic pose;

For the rest of them it is Twilight,

But to me it’s a true delight,

Time for some laughter followed with a unique smile:

So too I with the thought that home is just a mile.

Hurray! Clouds start to pour down:

For some unknown reason the smile turns into a frown.

The driver starts to speed,

Making me to ask “Whats the need?

God! A beautiful rainbow show up,

And then that hand goes pointing up;

What a sight in and out,

Someone here has been bowled out!

Just a minute is left to get down,

Hence the faces go brown;

Prepared to bear the pause,

For no reason or cause,

At last decided to step out:

But even now cannot makeout;

Turned back again to interpret and guess,

Haahoo! The people inside started to tease both of US.

-Bala Kumar S