IN The Deepest Of Sleep

In The Deepest Of Sleep

In The Deepest Of Sleep

IN the deepest of sleep, in dream

Twinkled a face with a golden beam

The ambience is silent despite the rain

The same face yet again

Why does she bring in Pain?

T’is thought ponders again.

She is lovely pretty and cute

The melody continues on a pleasing note,

All of a sudden I am totally mute

Is she the one to change my life?

Is she the one to be my wife?

Who is this lovely girl?

Who puts my heart on a whirl?

What camera do I need?

To capture her face swift and speed

Her voice sounds sweet

Flashed a thought “Am I neat?”

All set to start the talk

Before she decides to go for a walk

Here I come one.. two.. three.. honey!

And then my darling disturbs the sleep asking Money!