From School to College first year to College second year

A thought of comfort that just keeps lingering that “All these toils and boils are just temporary and an exciting future lies ahead”, use to sooth and relieve me when I had the most difficult of times with Chemistry and after all those toils I finally got into a decent college and hurray I am college going now :). The excitement continued for a week or so and then Chemistry, Engineering Graphics, Physics made me to say “What does these things got to do with computer science and engineering”. A mock now and then at the Indian Higher educational system seems to lonely pleasure I derived after taking the course I liked the most and still not getting what it was supposed to offer.

New ambience, different lifestyle, new people, new friends, a couple of months passed by. The Semester exams began, dint give my full effort yet managed to get a surprisingly 88.9%. Then the second semester started and a protest by the law college students that made the government to shut down the colleges for a couple weeks, earned me with useful holidays. After the holidays the second semester commenced and this time Basic civil and mechanical engineering bored me. Bricks, cement, concrete, stress, strain, turbines, dams, motors, boilers made me to ask the same question “What does these have to do with Computer Science and Engineering”. Again the same thought of the comfort “All these are just temporary” managed me to force it out and get through the exams.

And all of a sudden, just after a week I am a second year UG, a senior in the college now! The thought that I will have juniors surrounding me asking some silly questions with eager looks, with enthusiastic approaches trilled me. But still a cloud of mist covered  my thought of clarity and I was convinced that second  year is not gonna be any different from the first year as I already had a notion that Indian Higher educational system has a whole is useless. A look at the Syllabus revealed Data Structures, Digital systems, Analog and digital communication, OOP, Mathematics and Environmental Science as the portions. “OOP, DATA STRUCTURES, DIGITAL SYSTEMS” all these sounds great but when I went to the college the situation was otherwise this time the problem was with the teachers who are useless and do not know what they are teaching ( that’s another minus that Indian Higher education system faces) and I have to learn by myself, well that’s what I am doing ever since I stepped into higher education. The problem now is, if I go deep down a subject I’ll be more of a pro, for the syllabi deals only with the portions of a rookie. Anything on the answer paper that is above the scope of the prescribed syllabus and the textbook leads to loss of valuable marks (Yuk that’s the plight of the Indian Higher educational System :()

Now the question arises: “In the quest for a good future am I supposed to go by what seems to be my dream and the future technology or simply go by the outdated syllabus that will assure me of a reckless and a dis-satisfied job that’s keeps me grumbling always? “Almost every single one of us should have asked ourselves the same question in some part of time”.

Well I am certainly gonna go with my brain, which is the right way to go and follow my dreams. Passing these local examinations is not a herculean task, even a brush up a week before the exams gets you above 80% . So all fellow folks who are facing the same plight: “Follow up your dreams”!