Adopting the strategy that myself and my friend Yuvi came up with, I was quite determined not to open my mouth on the first day of my college. A power cut in the morning,when I left for my college was perhaps an indication on what lies Ahead for the later part of the day.

My college is a kind of Jail and many hard and fast rules like “No to Jeans, No talking with Girls……” etc were strictly followed. The first bell rang Hmm to say the truth it was a Siren( Reminding me that I am in a Jail), I was very desperate that it shouldn’t be chemistry and then a teacher entered he introduced himself as “The Senior Lecturer of ECE and he’s gonna handle the Fundamentals of computing and programing” 🙂 Huh hooh That’s the subject, were I am very strong , for I am an ADJP and a MCTS in the making. The teacher started with the definition of a computer (from here the comic part starts)..These were his exact words “A Computer is an electronic machine that processes instructions called programs to give an Output” This definition by itself gave me an idea that his teaching style is somewhat gonna be like concentrating more on beginners (Off course, that was bearable since 50% of the students took Biology in their Higher secondary) And then, the “Characteristics of a computer”: My Goodness 😉 “No IQ, No Sense, No Feelings” these were some of the characteristics of a computer according to Him 🙂 ( I Was musing within and trying my level best to control the excitement).

Then after sometime the siren alarmed!. Its time for Physics (My favourite subject), followed by Maths. Both were quite interesting except for the fact that the maths teacher was very soft and was not audible.

Then it’s time for English, unlike the other English teacher’s , she was very interesting and encouraged conversations and discussions among the students ( I was quite determined to plaster my mouth to get a feel of the class and their elegancy in the language, and then if in case I was called, not to disclose that I was the English Literary Association Secretary of my school, was the thought occupying my head 🙂 ).

Girls stood out as expected for I’ve  already analised their Elegency through IM”s and Orkut, but to my surprise only two were “OK” from the “Boys” side. And one girl,whom I thought, would gonna give a run for my money, to my surprise din’t turn up( May be she was not herself just like me, keeping quiet). And among the boys one went on and said that he “Aspire’s for microsoft, want to do a MBA in IIM…..”. I mused that I got my perfect mate in the class, as some of my “Aspirations” coincided with his!.

But during  the Lunch break when I enquired, I found that he got his seat through management quota and he is very poor in his studies and when there was any subject question he didn’t open his mouth. Ok a lesson learned for the day that “Never to trust anyone by their words”.

The next period was “Engineering graphics”, the teacher was very boring and the fact that Lunch was just some 30 min before made me feel sleepy. I was sleeping with my eyes open and now and then would afford some head shakes to give her the impression that I follow her 🙂 . Atlast she accepted herself that the subject is boring. But the highlight of the hour was her “Title Block”. My Goodness Just to write the name in the right bottem corner of the drawing sheet rather the “Plate” to be technical she gave some 1000 instructions. A home work to write the Alphabets measuring 10,7,5 mm in height not once but thrice also added to my agony.

What does drawing is gonna do when my course deals with computers, this really explains the stupidness invoved in Indian Educational syllabus. And then, while travelling in the Bus returing home, I was just contemplating whether to post about “The most Monotonous day in my Life” on my blog.

And then I decided to…………………………………..!


Chemistry the subject full of Mystery…!

If at all there was any Subject

That I found very Difficult

Then without any Mystery

Its name is Chemistry..!”

The same set of Equations

Repeats itself for 101 Reactions

While the Inorganic part starts with Hydrogen

To My Computer Brain it seemed like life without Oxygen”

Methane might start-off the organic Part

But my bad times with it can never Depart

Aluminium, Bronze, Copper and Gold

Still my repugnance to the subject can never go Old”

Diamond might be the metal that can Glow

Well the difficulty I had in drawing its structure can never just Blow

All those Chemistry lovers who say: ‘How Dare’

Still I am least bothered to Care……!”

Did you like it then just go ahead and read this one also written by another friend of mine Yuvi: http://desicritics.org/2008/05/22/004038.php..

Please don’t take it as a repugnance,for everyone in this country have their independence…!

Poem that I finally came up with

This is my first post after a long time and I was quite determined to put something interesting….”Should I praise Abhinev Bindra or should I say something about Phelps”…Atlast finally came up with a poem. Here it is, for you to read:

Aspire and Acquire the Thought that you Desire

In the process if you Perspire

Then refire the thought that you Desire

With Zeal and Fire

One Day the world will stand-out and Admire

For You carried-on without Despair

And then You can Sit-out and Umpire

For Life depends on the way you Manoeuvre

Else a Vampire………….!”