cricket-“not a passion should be the mission”

A country of billion and nearly 3/4 of them are cricket fanatics. what ever might be the stuff :on-field, off-field, controversies but if it is cricket it tops the headlines. So much of passion and ardor, even an earth-quake some where could not draw more attention than a semi-final match. And infact some ardent fans give up their lives when their hero’s fail to perform. If Tendulkar,yuvi,dhoni scores a century than it is diwali and when they score a duck it is some other festival of sadness. When these hero’s, failed to get into the super six stage of the world cup, their posters and dummies were burnt and when the same set won the T20 cup ,crores of money went their way as gifts.

Even though cricket might help in unification but still it causes a greater destruction. The day before yesterday it was the match between chennai super kings and bangalore royal challengers. And I, least bother with my works left them as they were and like the other chennaits was glued to the television. It all started well…royal challengers were reduced to a moderate 127 odd runs and by logic it should have been a easy chase for chennai and so to believed I. The openers did their part and then after a awesome collapse….oops the result the kings went down to the team which has lost 9/11 games they have played so far.

Of course it was a good entertainment but nearly 4 hours of my precious time ran out (similar to the kings run out πŸ™‚ ). I in a country of billion is a representative of 1,00,000 so 1,00,000*4=4,00,000 hr of time flyed out. awesome it is, with so much of time one could have made hundreds of airbus A380’s…..for one match so much of ruins…..just calculate the time spent days and nights for watching ….perhaps no wonder India should have become a super power atleast by now πŸ™‚

so cricket not a passion should be our mission !


“Current examination pattern”

Minimum of 30 objectives, three marks as many as 15,atmost 10 five marks and then offcourse detail answers of about 4-5. This is the famous examination pattern followed almost (to be honest the exact) across the various boards in India. Now starting with the objectives if someone simply selects the option as (a) for all the answers, he should be able to get atmost 8-10 of the questions correct (Well thats exactly what I did for my IIT entrance πŸ™‚ ). Coming to the 3marks, definitions there is no other go except mugging them up, give reasons-distinguish-numerical problems all these are the same set of repeated questions( I’am reminded of my geography teacher giving a list of questions saying “Expected, repeated and very important question in examination point of view” πŸ™‚ ) but in my point of view, these in no way tests the individuals learning skills. Fivemarks and Ten marks , well even if you write the exact replica of the text the probability of getting the full marks is 1/2.

Writing “blaa…blaaa” is going to help neither the person writing nor the one correcting , perhaps it just results in the joints and bones aching. Tons and tons of paper, litre and litre of ink, a stationary vendor or a owner of a pen company might afford a smile πŸ˜‰

So is there any remedy for this ! :……(

“Adopt any foreign stuff”, is the common cry, most of us might end up with and I had the same notion untill i wrote my iit entrance. Limited number of objectives, no “blaaa.blaaa”, and some in fact testing the best in the business, machine graded OMR sheets and the best of them all, correction is uniform: no teachers, presentation doesn’t matter !, duration not more than 2 hours, no total mistake, no re-evaluation.

And going by the present trend, such a question paper still remains a hope…..

“Hoping against the hope” that such a question paper takes its turn atleast when I do my PG :….(


Yesterday an hour passed noon the sun was steaming at about 40c.“BALA” that was the voice of my mother calling me to have my lunch, perhaps for the meal I hate a lot like most of the chennaits for most part of the summer. How to escape from it was the thought running over my brain… “Hurray! stomach ache” was the excuse that flashed upon. After a bit of verbals, at last managed to convince her. Seconds on the pendulum ticked by and two hours passed noon there were “butterflies in my stomach” due to hunger . what to do next, probably a couple of veg puffs could comfort at least till evening πŸ™‚

I went downstairs and offcourse to avoid my house mates was the “alert message” in my conscience. At last managed to push-in a couple of puffs sauced with ketchup. “yummy it was” πŸ™‚

Folks who are reading this piece of my agony, just give me a list of more of these excuses as your comments, which i could use whenever “kara kuzhlambu” takes its turn on my mumies kitchen menu.:)

And when one amongst you have managed to create a “no to kara kolambu” community please remember to send me an invitation to join….waiting for such an invitation!


percentage crowding

“Hello dude’s 195 is the cut-off and still not able to get into one of the top rated colleges :….(

well thats the situation I’am exactly in now…so what to do next πŸ™‚

next thing we’ll be doing ;standing in long lines to get the applications forms for all the top colleges for management quota πŸ™‚ you are one amongst them then continue to read on. I’am sure one day or another you should have wondered lying on your bed “how these colleges are getting their money” πŸ™‚ well, then this is exactly the sub rosa by which most of the colleges make money hell a lot of money. one of my dads friends said “give me two lakhs and i’ll get your son a seat in <>”(name should not be revealed but one among the top ten). And now coming to point i want to make one of the deemed univ in TAMILNADU conducted an entrance exam for engineering admissions and nearly 2 lakh students attended it,the cost of the form is 750RS .So that accounts to 750*2,00,000=”75000000″ trying to count the number of zero’s πŸ™‚

i’ll help you 7,50,00,000 a whopping “seven crores fifty lakhs” the money doesn’t stop here it adds:

2,00,000(thats the minimum) as donation

1,00,000 as tution fee

50,000 as hostel+mees fee

and the list of fees goes on………………. πŸ™‚

“The saleries we get after our BE is perhaps no wonder the interest we would get if we have deposited the money spent on admissions in our bank account” and my advice is just wait for counselling and accept the colleges which you get and carry on the good work πŸ™‚

folks engineering these days is not about the colleges where you study but rather the talents that you have

and so please “Don’t simply make someone rich who is already richer!”



chennai super kings won their first four matches courtesy toΒ  hard hiting opener hayden and then a player averaging 75 in the other two formats nick name…..but after their departure three loses on a trot

whats all this mean?

well its nothingΒ  but money making …… IPL after all was started as a way to combat ICL….its all about money and gambling πŸ™‚



this is bala a 17 year old dude from chennai….

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