Instant Message – Love

Cold and chill winter dew drops has fallen over the night,
Brisk sun rays welcomed that morning glistening bright.
Nervous fearful thoughts crept through his mind,
Courtesy a good night sleep treated him kind.
Dressed up well he rushed through the morning buzz to catch the routine train,
With occupied thoughts and toggling assumptions creeping through his brain,
Reward for the early morning hustle was the deserving window seat,
Ting-Tong and the railways announcement echoed in its typical rhythmic beat.
Gathering the morning prudence he began to recall his previous night planned tones,
Gave a swipe, unlocked, turned on mobile internet to gaze at his phone.
Single touch and then opens that popular instant message app,
And her last seen status was a longtime back – quite a gap.
No replies yet and flickered that soothing blue colored dual tick;
He pondered his previous night ideas still perplexed which one to pick,
Gave some thought and then sent again his “Happy Birthday” wish,
No response from her yet for the built up suspense to finish.
Perhaps sometime later there will be that much awaited notification pulse,
Or may be the phone was with someone else,
Clock ticked and assumptions grew,
With every passing seconds complex thoughts began to brew,
At last came that much awaited reply “Hey thanks”
Dear oh dear that drama shook him like a heart stopping prank.
Regular greetings and inquiries followed that next,
Again his haunting thoughts began to resonate with every single text.
Breathing became difficult, language turned blank and the lost words made him dumb,
Voila that is why mobile apps have emoji and smileys at the swipe of thumb.
After the customary chat regarding breakfast
He decided to break the shackles remembering failures of the past,
Few butterflies flew and a deep inhale helped him to compose – I ❤ you,
Message sent. She read it and didn’t know what to do,
Perhaps it was that moment she dreamed and could not react when it happen,
Or she needs some more time to absorb the event and let her emotions deepen.
Blue tick conveyed the message seen by her at his end,
Just then Murphy’s law choose her phone when she began to type and send.
One minute flew since that last colored tick acknowledge,
Few more minutes passed and the conversation quit full fledged.
Nervousness and seldom melancholy began to occupy his face,
Oops her phone hung with a multi-keyboard deadlock race,
He got no replies and her last seen time still shows online,
She decided to hard reboot. While at his end, her IM status now switched to offline,
With a broken heart he began to think should he owe an apology?
Finally her phone switched on and mend to connect with any of her internet topology,
Enough she decided and began to dial, meanwhile for him everything looked broke,
Her beautiful picture flashed on his caller screen, couple of rings and they spoke,
Few seconds of silence followed and then she said “Me too” in her voice,
And the magic unfolded – there goes their occasion to rejoice,
Call ended and pops up on his screen, her last – lost reply; A golden yellow smiley face – quite a fate,
Alas, the message got delivered – never too late!
– Bala Kumar
Technology changes lives and it may not work always, don’t blame when it goes wrong, find your way and act 🙂

How I fixed my troubled CPU

Been quite sometime and the first computer that I ever bought was not working and giving me trouble. 

It is powered by DB33FB Motherboard. The fix puzzled me a a lot initially and took around 3 weeks to figure out since the breakdown signals were not following the usual codes. 

At first I removed all extra components like Graphic card and ran the computer only with processor, Ram and Hard disk. All that followed was no BIOS screen and if it was a RAM failure there would have been beeps in my case there was no beeps so after a few tests I came to the conclusion and was looking for a cheaper mother board that could run the processor that I already have. 

Quick search showed me that it is a LGA775 socket and I ordered a cheap and best option on Ebay. The woes didn’t stop there as the new motherboard initially went till the Windows start screen and then crashed. I was seeing only black screen on startup there after. There were no beeps either and I was running the set up now without the processor fan. I retired a couple of times with 5 mins gap removing the BIOS battery and only on one occasion I could see the boot screen.

A week past by and I was into testing mode again. This time I borrowed a DDR 2 RAM from my friend and this time again it went till the startup screen and switched off. Then I realised it is a RAM problem but still the failing on the start up screen was continuing and then I realised this was happening because the processor was getting over heated as their was no fan. 

Then finally after plugging on the fan and changing the RAM with the new mother board I got my Favourite first bought system back running.

Teaching kids – Volunteering with Bhumi

Thanks to Prianka my college junior I found a good place in Chennai where I get opportunities to teach the little kids basic Computer Science. 

I Haven’t felt this kind of satisfaction for a long now and it is way beyond then the materialistic joy of churning out a hack that gives me. Today the first class was an incredible memory and I believe this would certainly help me in the long run and fulfil my dreams.

Happy Volunteering with Bhumi, just adds a new dimension to my life from today.

Rozabal Line – Review

I bought the Ashwin Sanghi combo around a year back and finally got some time to read thanks to my new job and the train commute that brings with it.

Ashwin tried to do a Dan Brown and in the process have failed miserably. The books travels through time like a time machine without any coherence – new characters on every page and the monotonous repeat of the family hierarchies were pathetic. The first 150 pages were not at all engaging.

Appreciate the research that was done  and some parts like the anagrams really makes one to think but it it fails to answer facts like Mary Magadelene names her child with an anagram of the sacred feminine Hindu goddess from the pre christ era but Mary Magadelene lived in the era of hebrew language and if the anagram with the names were in hebrew language then the story Ashwin spins is acceptable.  How can there be an anagram with the English language for characters that lived in different period of time with different dominant language ?

And the book is a brave attempt since it references the cradles of the three prominent religions and says that each religion copied another with time and everything has a common reference to a single point and the descendants built upon and glorified with time. Each of the Godly figures that claims themselves as God’s representation were nothing but good people that wanted peace and their good deeds were elevated by the society with time and made them an yet another God – would be the readers conclusion after some apprehension.

Both Da Vinci Code or the Rozabal line says thats there will be prosperity when the  male and the female energies meet and the epic symbols like the David star and the Swastik symbol are representations of the same. Can agree on it from a point of view that there will be prosperity only when the different varieties of people that exists be it caste, religion, colour or creed live together with love and  peace.

Overall not a bad read, appreciate the work and research gone into it, could wave been better penned.


Some Awesome people in my life

Time to thank the people from whom I have learned a lot.

Coming out of college, I knew, I was screwed, in those difficult times Yuvi was the God father, couldn’t imagine where and what I’ve would have been doing now if not for Yuvi and he still continues to inspire me.

When I joined ReduceData, I was someone who doesn’t even know how to configure linux and all the tech learning started there. I won’t forget those lovely months with Prince, Amit, Kaushik, Udhaya, Iqbal and Asif from whom I’ve learned how to survive and work hard.

And the best life defining moments happened in Exotel where the initial month I wanted to run away. All that I can say is Thank you guys, you people are the most awesome bunch in my life who has changed me, re-defined me and given me a base to launch from. These days when I think of something, all that ponders is how someone in that awesome team would have approached the problem. Heartful thanks to Kailash, Vijay, Sanjeeth, Sid, Shivku and the rest of the team, each one of them is unique in their ways and I’ve learned a lot from everyone. And not to mention the coolest of the lot Ishwar, my awesome boss, these days what ever I do, I hear Ishwar’s voice within “Why do you want to do that way, do it this way”.

With a a heavy heart when I moved away from you all it was terrible and these days I see some smiles and happy faces in the family, hope I will keep them happy and what ever I am today, it is all because of the awesome bunch I’ve mentioned above 🙂

Thank you guys.


Nothing feels horrible like a melancholy without reason. Not sure what I am doing, why I am doing and really don’t know what I want. Completely feeling Blah. Feel like taking a week off and going to Parutiyur and run around the fields, ponds, inhale some fresh air under the Banyan tree and discover some magic.

Discovering Dual Characters

Growing up in the cities of India is an adventure everyday. It provides the opportunity to meet new people and learn from them.

Over the period of time, I have discovered people with dual life, people who laugh and talk nicely only for money and then behave totally different otherwise.

Occasionally when I come across people who remain the same in their personal and professional life, deep down within a smile comes and a respect on them grows.